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Welcome To Mastermounts Taxidermy
Keith Venable
2343 Hwy. 277 E.
Watson, Arkansas 71674
870-382-6273 or 870-382-2526
fax: 775-459-4814

ATA Certified Taxidermist
Eleven Years experence in taxidermy. As a member of the National Taxidermist Association and the Arkansas Taxidermist Association we stay abreast of the latest techniques and developements in the industry. As a second term member of the board of directors of the Arkansas Taxidermist Association I am pushing to raise the standards of taxidermy in this State. Taxidermy is an art not a process and requires an acute perception of nature to accurately duplicate the poses of life. With this in mind I assure you that your mounts will recieve the skilled craftsmanship they deserve in order to last for years to come.
Dedicated To The Local Sportsmen
We specialize in all mammals,waterfowl and fish and place quality above all else. Let us mount your next trophy. You will be satisfied...... just ask someone who has one!

We only mount legally taken game.

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